AVOIDING Failure is

to avoid progress.

It was May 2012 when the Unsung Hero online store launched to officially open for business. It was a memorable moment after many tireless years of trying to scrape together funds and source products that fit our quality standard while ultimately trying to bring the vision to life.

You hear repeatedly about how time flies and we can definitely attest to that. As we approach our seven year milestone this spring we can't help but look back and use our history as daily motivation. It's an honour to be a growing Canadian brand and if there's one thing we've learnt, it's that there's no shortcuts to any place worth going. It's the reason we've raised our expectations year after year to develop our brand (and as individuals) with aspirations of being a recognized household name.

If you've been with us since day one the video below will be nothing but a trip down memory lane. It was our first video production that we launched in October 2012 with a group of professional hockey players who have grown to become friends over the years, thanks to their unparalleled support.  Some of the active NHL players include Derrick Brassard, Marc Methot and Erik Gudbranson. There's a cameo appearance with now sponsored Reebok Crossfit athlete Paul Tremblay. Our video producer Galang Stro was just starting out doing local gigs and is now living in LA filming with some of the biggest Youtube personalities. 

The icing on the cake was we didn't have a clue how to record a voice over so we contacted the local radio station and gratefully they gave us an hour of studio time and gave us some pointers, free! (Just ask.) 

Our honest takeaway from looking back is to surround yourself with people who are just as hungry as you and remember, you have to start somewhere! You're a product of your environment no doubt and we're incredibly proud of the people we've grown with (like yourself) who hold us accountable. 

If you've come this far with us, thank you. Honestly we mean that from the bottom of our heart. We're far from where we will be but there's days we need to pinch ourselves for seeing our dream come to fruition.  

2019 is going to be great.