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Believe in the power of one.

Leave your mark.

The greatest achievements are developed  from humble beginnings. They are the  outcome of self-belief and sacrifice.  Action forms footprints.

Unsung Hero is a lifestyle apparel brand and online retailer headquartered in Ottawa, Canada. We’re dedicated to constructing progressive lifestyle wear for those who've set out to make their mark. 

go the distance.

Unsung Hero made it’s official debut in May 2012 retailing the first line of graphic t-shirts. Though the product offering was minimal, founder Skyler Winsor witnessed the beginning of his childhood vision coming to fruition. Skyler nurtured the Unsung Hero concept for close to a decade through his youth before moving to the capital of Canada to initiate his pursuit. 

Today, Unsung Hero has evolved into a fully operating retail brand distributing across Canada. With ambitions of spreading their message across the globe, Unsung Hero's primary focus is maintaining a premium quality standard. 

We rise by lifting others.

With the support from the Unsung Hero community we've humbly contributed over $80,000 to health care resources and youth recreational services through various fundraising efforts.